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We are a full service computer sales, service, and training firm committed to extraordinary products and services.  From your first visit to BAC you will immediately see we are not your typical computer store.  We provide highly personalized premium service at affordable prices.  Our depth experience in computer sales (new and used), repair, and services deliver efficiency and competence you will not find at any "big box" store.

While many stores advertise they will "fix" computers....

At Build A Computer it's not our sideline business, it's our only business!



Protection Services

During the course of accessing the Internet with your computer, you will come in contact with computer viruses. Computer viruses are often spread by attachments in email messages.  Most viruses are stopped before they start, however an undetected virus can corrupt or delete data on your computer, access your email program to spread itself to other computers, or erase everything on your hard disk.  Sometimes your web browser is hijacked and you find yourself being redirected to unknown websites.

What does our Protection Service do?

  • Our protection service will remove the viruses from your computer for a low fee without you having to do anything. The service is guaranteed.
  • We will install new FREE anti-virus software if necessary.
  • BAC will optimize your computer for best performance



Computer Repair

BAC allows for a 1 hour FREE diagnostic prior to a repair of your desktop or laptop computer.  Our turn-around time is usually same day to next day.  You need your computer fixed right away and we will make that happen for you whenever possible.

Commonly supported issues:

  • Computer is slow or freezes
  • Computer will not boot up
  • Cannot access Internet or email
  • Computer virus / spyware (see Protection Services)
  • Desktop / Laptop shuts down on its own
  • Hardware issues / software issues

If your computer seems to be malfunctioning — it’s slow, programs are crashing or Windows may be blue-screening. Is your computer’s hardware failing, or does it have a software problem that you can fix?

This can actually be a bit tricky to figure out. Hardware problems and software problems can lead to the same symptoms — for example, frequent blue screens of death may be caused by either software or hardware problems.

Computers slow down over time if you install too much software that runs at startup or if infected with malware. Some conclude that their computer is slowing down because it’s old. But this is incorrect.  It has a software problem that can be fixed. Hardware issues shouldn’t cause your computer to slow down. There are some exceptions to this, but most slowness is caused by software issues.



Computers are lasting longer than ever and sometimes you can upgrade to make them last even longer.  Sometimes the better solution to a computer issue might be to upgrade instead of purchasing a new computer. To get the best return on your money  an upgrade you have to spend money wisely. Certain upgrades will give you next to nothing in return for your money.  Here is list of the best upgrades along with an idea of how much the upgrade would cost.

  • SSD - SSD's offer a performance boost and it improved reliability.
    Price: $90 -$125
  • RAM - Any modern PC running a 64-bit version of Windows with 4GB or less of RAM will benefit from a bump to at least 8GB.
    Price: $75.
  • GRAPHICS CARDS - one way to give your PC extra zip for running a game is to upgrade the graphics card.  Graphics cards is one area where OEM's skimp to keep prices low.
    Price: $99-$650

Data Recovery

Hard drive failures come suddenly and without warning. You may turn on your computer and see an "Operating System not found" or "Inaccessible Boot Disk" error. Disk drives usually will last approximately 5 years before failing, however drives can fail as early as 6 months based on environmental operating conditions.

Even if your computer is still under warranty the manufacturer will not assist you in recovering data.  Data recover labs charge steep fees typically ranging from $600 to $3000 and upwards. For many small businesses, spending thousands of dollars on data recovery is simply not an option. If your hard drive has failed, there's a reasonable  chance your data can be recovered utilizing software analysis tools.  BAC has successfully recovered data for small businesses.  We can also recover accidentally deleted files from the Recycle Bin.  Not sure what happened.  Tell us what you know and we'll give you our honest appraisal as to whether the data might be recovered.


Computer Sales

Build A Computer offers new and re-certified computers, peripherals and software to the Northern Indiana and Northeast Ohio area.  We constantly work to bring you the products you need at competitive prices.  Further, we offer our exclusive “Build You Own Computer Training” to help you build a quality low cost computer to fit your needs.  BAC’s technicians will help you assess your computer needs and work within your budget to find you the best computer solution possible.


If you are looking to purchase a new laptop computer, our technicians will help you find the perfect laptop for your needs or custom build your ideal desktop.  We provide solutions for all your computer needs while providing expert customer support.

FREE Computer Training

We are the area’s most patient computer store in educating our customers about their new computer purchase.  With the purchase of any new, custom built, or re-certified desktop / laptop computer, BAC offers a FREE 1 hour, one-on-one computer training session with one of our technicians.

Gold Standard Computer Warranty

All of our custom built computers are created with premium, long-lasting components. Premium quality components allow us to offer an exclusive 3-year warranty on all custom built desktops.

Application Support

Our application support engineers deliver technical support for software applications and technologies according to the needs of a business. These professionals understand high-level technologies, and help to interpret feedback from end users or address other issues as necessary.


Applications BAC Supports:

  • Email Applications - Outlook, Thunderbird
  • Office Applications - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • SQL Databases - Microsoft SQL and MySQL
  • Server Operating Systems - Server 2008, Server 2012
  • Desktop Operating Systems - Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Backup Software
  • Open Source Packages - Open Office, Libre Office

Network Services

The fastest most secure network in the world is of little use if it does not meet the needs of the users accessing it.  We will build, upgrade, maintain, and administer your Client-server, P2P, or wireless network and the devices attached.  Some of the Networking Services we can provide include:


  • Network Planning and Maintenance
  • Firewall Installation and Support
  • Proxy (and/or Content Filtering) Server Management
  • Web Server Installation and Management, or Hosting Setup and Management
  • Security Analysis, Recommendations, and Design
  • Router Configuration, Installation, Security, and Filters
  • Network Design and Capacity Planning
  • Installation and Integration
  • Network Administration and Management
  • Web Server, Print Server, File Server, Mail Server, etc., Installation, and Management
  • Technology Research, Recommendations, Selection, and Installation or Integration into Existing Systems


Server Support


Do you or your small business require reliable on-call technical support for your Microsoft Server environment? BAC will provide server maintenance and support services.


Are your operating without a server?  Do you need to share:


  • User Files
  • Outlook contacts and calendars
  • Quickbooks accounting data
  • SQL databases
  • Control User access to specified files and folders


We will design a custom server system that will meet your needs at a price you can afford.  We can install and configure Windows Server 2008/2012 or provide support for your existing Microsoft based server. If your business has less than 25 workstations we  can save thousands of dollars using Microsoft Essential Server technology.

Web Design

Responsive Web Site  Design

A  Web presence is a must in todays business world.  BAC Design can upgrade your existing site or create one if required.  Our expertise in website design and smart implementation will guarantee your product or message is communicated across multiple digital platforms, from mobile to web.  We excel in:

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Front End Website Development
  • Accessible Website Standards
  • CMS & Maintenance
  • Social Media & Blogs
  • CSS & HTML Coding
  • Consulting

SEO Campaigns

What good is a great website if no one can find it.? At BAC Design SEO campaigns are structured, coordinated and implemented.

  • Structure ensures necessary steps to produce results.
  • Coordination ensures steps are taken in the proper order.
  • Energetic Implementation ensures the quality of work stays at the highest level.

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